The Team

TechPOT team

„We don’t just implement other people’s ideas. We have our own ones.”

Let's start at the Beginning...

TechPOT design discussion

Our two leaders, Andrew and George, started working together more than 14 years ago, George was in charge of development and Andrew was responsible for the financial and business aspect of the company.

A new and final third member allied with the two leaders, Gabriella, a matematician and programmer, and she brought with herself her sharp mind and womanly sensibility, which every well built management needs.

Executive meetings are regular daily activities because we believe in the power of communication. Decision making is something that we do together whether it’s about the broken espresso machine or about the big ones like the process of TechPot software implementation.

When working hard pays off...

In the first couple of years we worked really hard on developing a Fitness Management software which is still working in more than 50 fitness clubs. Later we started to work on an intelligent maintainance hardware module as well for fitness machines. We invested the money earned from these projects in the company, by hiring developers and support personnel.

We realized that they need to come up with ideas for new, revolutional products for the web development and in the same time, we were working on other company's IT systems. More and more great companies picked up on the team's work and we got assingned with numerous projects.

TechPOT team is working hard

We inspire and share our aspirations and ideas with one another, every occasion is a new learning experience for the whole team. Not a day goes by without smile and laughter within these walls.

Making a difference...

Design the tools

We never really forgot why we started this company in the first place. George was motivated by progression, advancement, and his main focus was always creating new values. Andrew, as the technological gadget guru that he is, he was drawn by the challenge of sales and market research.

After pleasing and fulfilling our clients’ wishes we constantly saved time for our own products, but we knew that they would need more time from us, which is why we gradually hired more developers, web-designers and support personnel as well.

Three years ago the company became multinational, when we expanded to the United States and Canada under the name Mad Tatu LLC.

Our management style is unique and extraordinary just like the ideas we have and projects we develop. We believe that our colleagues don't come in as they would to a regular workplace. They come in to create something valuable and everlasting, together. No one refers to the co-workers as employees, they become part of a team instantly.

Everybody adds to the team’s value with different attributes they excel in, like having mind-blowing ideas, creating amazing graphics, writing good texts or simply just having great work ethics and an outstanding positive attitude.

Thoughtful planning is the key element of successful products and services. Details count so we take all the time we need and move towards perfection.

The actual work that we do


MadTatu Development services include web, mobile and application development as well as hardware design. The services we offer range from strategic consulting through application development of any complexity to create online systems. We are on the top of the latest trends and techniques to find the most profitable solutions for your business. Only proven and reliable technologies are deployed in our development process.

Your projects will benefit from our more than 10 year-experience while we create superbly functioning, fast and reliable dynamic sites and applications. Our team of highly trained experts will help you develop the user interface (UI) to market your products and services efficiently.

Our vast experience and diverse background enables our team to understand clients’ business needs and assist them in achieving their objectives.

Today, implementation is not just about content and design. Specifying requirements and establishing strategy based on an elaborate design are a must. The winner will be the one with the best strategy and plan to follow up business. While you’re alone in the field, you can take the way you want and do what you prefer, but as soon as someone enters your marketplace, you are bound to consider his moves. In nearly all fields of business, competition for customers is fierce. Our goal is to ensure your success in your marketplace by providing you with an adequate web, mobile and application strategy.

Madtatu Web Development offers a wide variety of solutions to address your business needs in E-Commerce, content management, ERP, hosting, web and mobile application development. Our interactive development process enables us to customize our projects based on a strong cooperation with you. We ensure that the system we build addresses your needs today and tomorrow, and helps you accelerate your business growth.


Our dog - Sheldon

Our highly skilled developers work efficiently to design complex databases and system, they are experienced in creating templates and frameworks to provide you with the best solution. Additionally, we rely on pre-built modules and systems; by adjusting them to your corporate image and making custom modifications, we ensure they will meet all your requirements. Our expert team can pride with many years of experience in programming and development. This always results in a fast and reliable system of extreme stability.

Our innovation and development team rides the cutting edge of technology. We know what drives your passion because it’s our passion too. The devil lies in the details. Look and feel, structure, speed and reliability. We don’t take anything easy. This is our life.

Ladies and Gentleman, we cannot forget about our team’s mascot, the one and only Sheldon. He is the happiest and most enthusiastic dog ever. Every day that he spends with us is a fiesta, we love to love, spoil and cuddle him. Don’t be fooled by the image he is just pretending to sleep. Isn’t he just the cutest?

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