The story of the TechPOT

TechPOT brainstorming

The idea of TechPot came out of a completely ordinary story, supposedly it’s happened to the best of us...

We all love plants, we love to be surrounded by them, we love how they bring life to every room and spread their scent even to the smallest corners... but unfortunately, we have a special talent for killing them, even if we try our best not to.

Maybe because we don'thave sufficient knowledge about our plants, wedon't exactly know what they need or when, or simply we are so busy in our day-to-day life, that we just forget, undeservingly, to take good care of them.

Creativity is what fuels our company's engine. Our concepts seem simple at the beginning, but as we get more and more involved, new ideas start flowing. This is what we call our creative juice.

The Idea

As it didn’t happen to just one of our team members, we started to think… What if there was a system which could notify its user that their plant was in trouble?

Ideas started flying around, and as we already had an answer for the why, we moved on to the other questions like the how and the when? Our brainstorming continued on the what if’s and ‘How about if we ...’ and ‘ How much?!’, other features we could add, and so on.

After some serious thinking we had the idea shaped perfectly in our heads; we will make a super smart flower pot. As we started our research we found a few our of the ordinary pots in the world, but ours will be unique, much prettier and smarter than the similar products on the market.

World of plants

Market Research

TechPOT drawings

As the visualization of a product comes to life our ambition gets stronger.

Other important factors were up for discussion, like the design of the pot or the process of accomplishment.

After long hours, and meetings with the potential contractors and subcontractors we were sure that our idea is executable and our products will not cost a fortune to our buyers.

We decided, that we will create 2 versions of the product. The first will be the Techpot basic version, and it will concentrate on the plant itself, it will alert its user, whether the plant needs water or it is over watered, if it needs more light or if the room’s temperature is inadequate, by lighting up with different colors.

Both versions have implemented movement sensors, WIFI, and also an undercover security system. Thanks to the WIFI, the TechPOTencial will not only inform its user by sending messages to their TechPOTential app ( or their e-mail address ) if they need to nurture their plants, it will also send messages if it senses unanticipated movement in the house, if they are not at home.

We created a survey analysing if there would be a market for this kind of product and the results were amazing, at which time we realized that the TechPOT and the TechPOTential is not just a dream of our team anymore, it can be an actual item, a utility in people's homes, because this is the most advanced assistance in the plant care.


TechPOT 3D models

One of our goals was to find the right material and tools for our product to be affordable as possible. Accomplishing that may seem like a bumpy ride, but our determination brought us the results we had hoped for.

The next step was researching how could we finance our project the best way possible. We all agreed that by posting it to Indiegogo, wewouldn't only get an actual picture of a broad variety of opinions, but we could get the capital needed for its mass fabrication; and we could also give a chance to our backers to be our first clients.

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Preordering TechPot will show us your interest in purchasing our product. If you pre-order TechPot now, you may get the first pieces of the collection at a promotional price, much lower a the actual cost of the product.

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Preordering TechPot will show us your interest in purchasing our product. If you preorder TechPot now, you may get the first pieces of the collection at a promotional price, much lower than the actual cost of the product.

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