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Factory visit! September 3rd 2014

First functioning prototype

A few weeks ago we met with a glass factory manager, who introduced an interesting opportunity to us. It is a special glass which conduct light and it would seem it met our requirements. Wouldn’t it be wonderful a TechPOT made of glass?
On the last week we had been in the glass factory to have a look at how a flower pot made of glass. Next to the pots made of polycarbonate, we got TechPOTs made of glass in an exclusive form, which will be hand-made. Now we are waiting for the new TechPOT’s prototype made of glass.
It was really interesting and we are so excited!

The first designed TechPOT! July 30th 2014

First functioning prototype

Here is the first design of TechPOT, made of plaster. It is just a model for now, but we will get the prototype soon.

We’re holding the first TechPot in our hands! June 7th 2014

First functioning prototype

The molding tool used to create TechPOT’s special shape which is very expensive at low number pieces. Currently, we only needed to know how TechPOT will function, hence the reason why our prototype was very simple.
TechPot is almost ready, but we kept a few ideas for new versions to ourselves.

We arrived at construction and are testing the prototype April 30th 2014

We’re in the middle of testing

Lately, testing the materials and sensors are our main focus. We are in the process of createing our first prototype, and it works better than we imagined. We would like to know how many pieces we can order at the same time, how we can find the best solution to produce both the most cost effective and the highest quality product.

System operation February 24th 2014

TechPOT system’s diagram

With this link, you can download the diagram which preview how to working the IT system in the background.

It’s the 21 st Century! Keep in touch with your plant on your phone! January 16th 2014

Visualization of the mobile application

Though we can’t give you an opportunity to chat with your flower, we can provide the possibility to keep in touch with it.
It sounds tricky, when actually it’s very simple through our application, which sends messages or e-mails to you. You can follow your plants’ life on your phone, notebook or tablet. We are still working on this, and a few other developments, like implementing a security system which has great potential...

Electrical technology in the pot! November 10th 2013

We’re testing the soil moisture measurement

We would like to add a database server to support TechPot, containing all kinds of plants, and of course their needs. There are hundreds and thousands of plants on our planet, and they all have different needs. You have a chance to better understand your plant with TechPot. The most important factors are water quantity, right light, temperature and a good nutrition. TechPot is going to possess temperature and light measuring, different color leds, WiFi, movement sensors and a great application for your smart phone backed up by a plant database!

We found the material! September 27th 2013

The special polycarbonate when it’s illuminated by LED lights

It was really hard to find the perfect material that met our objectives, because it had to be waterproof, durable and it had to be able to conduct light too,but we never gave up! As a result, a few days ago we met with a plastic factory manager, who presented an incredible solution to us. After this meeting we got to know a special polycarbonate. First of all, we made sure that it met our requirements, and that we could implement the electrical system into this pot made of plastic. After that, we did a lot of testing when we finally realized that we were holding the perfect material in our hands.
It was unbelievable news! We could now achieve our dreams!

We have found the name! July 3rd 2013

The perfect/ TechPot’s name and logo

We named our product TechPot which is the abbreviation of Technological Pot.
We think it sounds good and is easy to remember. We hope our future customers will like it too!

We’re being creative... June 18th 2013

The results of our brainstorming.

We’re in the middle of brainstorming and our ideas are beginning to take shape. We have worked out a cool creative design. We want to create a flower pot which is elegant and well-functioning at the same time. Nowadays good design is an expectation all over the world and like most people, we love pretty and modern things too.
We think it looks great! We’re so excited!
It’s very important for us to find a modern solution, besides a handy and affordable product. We invented a form which consist of the bottom being extraordinary designed so that it could water the plant and glow in different colors as well. For the warning technology we found out a simple and spectacular light system. The pot will be able to glow in different colors depending on its condition. Red means your plant is in trouble, orange means it needs something, and if the pot is green your flower is happy and healthy.

We have an idea... May 21th 2013

One of our selfless colleagues when he noticed that his flower didn’t take the heat as well as he did.

After a long working week, on a Friday afternoon we were watering the plants in the office. Although the office was full of selfless team members we realized that once again our (new!) Dahlia didn’t manage to survive. As it wasn’t the first plant that was murdered, we got to thinking... What if there was a technology built in to a pot that could stop this from happening again? We love our plants and we wanted to protect them. This is when we started a long creative brainstorming session with our team.
A smart flower pot was the result of our original idea. Thanks to the built-in sensors, the users are informed of their pots’ needs; for example when they are over or under watered, they need more or less light or need higher or lower temperature to feel good. Everyone we asked liked our smart pot idea, since it often happens that we forget to water our plants, not just in the office, but at home too! We have realized that we have a chance to help out plant lovers everywhere, and so we began the making of our product! We are dedicated to our idea, and our plants, even though we know that this journey will a long time… And so it began.

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